Welcome To Aura Catering

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Our Catering Hours are Monday-Friday 11:00am – 2:00pm
All orders must be placed 24 hours in advance.

Please choose your options:

Serving 14 People – choice of 2 entrée options
Serving 21 People – choice of 3 entrée options
Serving 28 People – choice of 4 entrée options

All Shashliks and Lula Kebabs are served with side Lavash Bread.
All orders served with Carrot Rice Pilaf, Choice of Greek,
Tabbouleh or Caesar Salad and a Fingers dessert (contains cashews).


Beef Filet Mignon Shashlik $110 (7 Skewers)

Chicken Shashlik $90.00 (7 Skewers)

Beef and Bacon Lula Kebab $90.00 (7 Skewers)

Chicken and Bacon Lula Kebab $90.00 (7 Skewers)

Beef Stroganoff $90.00

Chicken Penne $85.00

All orders include disposable utensils and plates.
Delivery charge of $20.00 will apply to all orders.
Tax is not included.



*If you have food allergies please ask us about ingredients before ordering.